Plant Based
Body Centered

Phyto Pro Select™ products from Family Hemp Brands in Santa Fe, New Mexico are formulated specifically with the body-focused individual in mind.
Phyto Pro Select™ CBD products have been specially formulated with our organic terpene-rich full-spectrum CBD oil and proprietary blends of essential oils.
  • Single source cannabinoids provide consistency and premium quality.
  • Made with organically cultivated hemp using regenerative practices.
  • Full-spectrum formulations for a complete balance.
  • Preferred by athletes, practitioners, and professionals.
  • Small batch crafted with care.
  • Plant-based Body-centered.
About Our Brand

Hand - Crafted

Our CBD products are lovingly hand-crafted by real people with a high level of both attention and intention. Through small batch builds we craft a product that carries our intentions for common wellness, coming to fruition through the use of only the highest quality raw materials.

Superior Concentration

We always use the highest quality raw materials in our products, but quality alone isn’t our only consideration.  We also ensure that the good stuff you count on isn’t just available in trace amounts for the purpose of a fancy label claim. Concentration counts, so stay concentrated.

Formulated For Health

Tradition runs deep in our Family. We include ingredients in our CBD products that families in Northern New Mexico have been using for centuries. Our CBD products are crafted with wellness in mind from formulas that have been relied on from generation to generation.

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